Hey guys,
Ok so this is new for me but I’m kind of in an emergency situation.
I’m already behind on my rent because work is really slow right now, and I don’t get my school refund for another month or so.
That’s not the main emergeny. I can figure out how to handle that somehow. My main problem is that both of my cats are sick. One of them has a small cold, and the other one is really sick. She’s got blood in her feces and she can’t seem to keep food down for long. I really don’t know what to do about this. If anyone knows of any free animal clinics or hospitals in the Jackson Mississippi area, could you please let me know? If I can’t figure out what to do soon, I’ll have to take her to a shelter because I would rather have to give her up than lose her from an illness….
Please guys, if anyone has any advice, please please let me know.

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